Monday, August 22, 2011

Open the window. It's awkward in here.

Hi, I'm Scott. Awesome opening line, I know. Just wait until this next sentence! I loved your profile, and wanted to drop you a line. Now that the awkward introduction is out of the way...

...we can go our separate ways and pretend this never happened.

He's already got my future all planned out

Interesting profile

given your designing sills and carpentry you are not fare from starting your own company

I was thinking just fruday. . as someone in Battery Park City put out a brand new wheel chair in the trash and obstructing my bike. . . that these things are not just expensive but hEAVY.

Why can they be made of bamboo like many bikes are now being made of bamboo.

You would be a rich and happy woman. You can teach people in poor countries how to make these and empower them.

Golden advice. And he gave all this away for free in the first message without even asking for a date. Unless that's his tactic- he'll come find me years later when I own my successful international bamboo wheelchair business and demand to take me out on Fruday. As a rich and happy woman, I will owe him one...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i'm in a sad mood tonight

oh sam cooke? I remember when i was little my grandfather used to play the vinyls, "A Change Is Gonna Come" was my favorite. He would always sit in his chair and read the paper with a glass of whiskey and his soul vinyls. Then he'd tell me stories about growing up, going to war about the friends he'd kept nad the ones he lost, the secrets to keeping my a woman happy, and what it means to be a man. I also remember my fist sip of whiskey with him turned out to be his last...umm yea sam cooke, great stuff.

His grandfather's secret to keeping a woman happy? Talk about really sad stuff. Right off the bat.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

more seltzer machines


I find it funny how the whole small world thing kicks in sometimes, I just purchased a soda machine that basically carbonates water.


Though I appreciate the thoroughly scientific description of a seltzer machine, I don't think that you purchasing one and then clicking through countless profiles until you come across a girl who likes seltzer hardly constitutes as a situation in which you would use the phrase "small world."

Perhaps if you bought a seltzer machine from a thrift store that was covered in glitter and you were dismayed to find it was missing one button that was vital to its function and my profile woefully lamented the lack of seltzer in my life since my seltzer machine was stolen from me by a mob of crazy glitter creatures who left me clutching one button when they tore it violently from my panicked grip, THEN we would have a small world situation on our hands. But just owning a seltzer machine? Unfortunately for me, not so much.